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Album Art


you won't like this ep | beardthug

Full of aggressive bass and intricate sound design, Beardthug's 2017 release You Won't Like This EP is an all out assault on everything mellow.

Find the full album and its remixes on MalLabel's bass-heavy BandCamp.   


ThE REMIXES | beardthug



Third Birthday comp | v/a

Every year, Intelligent Sound compiles a compilation of exclusive tracks from its affiliated artists to celebrate the year of experimentation and dancing. I was fortunate enough to contribute my first official IS released track as well as the cover art used for the album. 

Listen to the full collection on the Intelligent Sound Bandcamp and try to guess which track I made. 

Photography by Ashley Oliver



universal language | Peek levels

Universal Language is a bass heavy album full of club-bangers all centered around first contact. Eye contact speaks more than words. 

Give the full album a listen on MalLabel's Bandcamp



spacetime | Ozwaldo 

The first single released  by Ozwaldo features dark and eerie tones layered on top of deep, moody bass tones. A short teaser was made to promote the single on social media outlets.

Listen to the single on the Intelligent Sound Soundcloud (Intelligent Soundcloud?) and check out the teaser below. 




Contrast was released in 2017 full of colorful melodies and intricate inter-weaving patterns. The EP was inspired by the city. My goal with this cover was to take a plane of city and contrast it with its opposite dimension. 

Follow the journey through the city on MalLabel's Bandcamp. 



While it Lasted | Stereo Serum

While it Lasted is a colorful and oftentimes joyful kaleidoscope of colors and influences in the bass-heavy music world. The listen takes you on a journey through bright sound design and vivid memories. This probably gives you an idea of where the inspiration for the album cover came from. 







In traditional Rick Maun fashion, I Think of You Even When I Feel My Brain is Off is unrelentingly lo-fi in technique and unapologetically upfront in emotion. 

You can experience what the Maun has to say over on his Soundcloud.

It also features some light ukulele strumming and arrangement from your's truly, but that's not important.



a clamour cut | remst8

A remix album of remst8's album, Accumulator (A Clamour Cut is an anagram of Accumulator), that features a very wide range of artists. When given the opportunity to remix the album cover, I drew influence from the techno and experimental music scenes of yesteryear and came up with something a little  deconstructed and very clamorous. 

Find this behemoth of a compilation over on Intelligent Sound's Bandcamp and check out the teaser video below. 

Photography by remst8



Ibogaine | Narkatta

Ibogaine is a naturally occurring psychedelic that has shown positive results in treating opioid addiction. The man behind the music, Joe Katta, traveled to Mexico to document an underground ibogaine clinic. This album is result of those experiences.



Computer Based Music | Psyntimental

As the name implies, data forward thinking is the inspiration for Psyntimental’s latest explorations into sound.



Demonology | Wubson

The story of usurping a king, Demonology chronicles Satan’s overthrowing and banishment to Earth.