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Light + Sound



Art Direction, Logo Design, Motion Graphics  

Light+Sound is a series of events and stage productions doing their part to immerse audiences in a seamless audio/visual experience. The first L+S event played to a sold-out show at Quixotic in spring 2017.

The identity needed to showcase the very different worlds of sight and sound and convey how they seamlessly come together.


Special care was given to the wordmark to give it a clean, unobtrusive feel. We wanted the identity to give the performers a blank canvas that would allow them to express themselves in an unadulterated manner. 


A series of promotional motion graphics were created with a hypnotic feel in mind. The performing artists wanted to entrance the audience so we wanted to convey this feeling through the promotional materials without giving away too much of the show.


Many directions were considered, but only one could be chosen.

Disclaimer: two were actually chosen...but they became one

everything's gone green | light+Sound

The second Light+Sound event, aptly titled Everything's Gone Green, was a free live show put together in conjunction with Colonial Gardens. Dozens of trees and plants were brought onto a parking lot where audience members could lose themselves in the foliage.