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Art Direction, Lettering, & Graphic Design




Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design

Behind every major societal change, you will find advancement in technology. Transfiguration was founded on the idea of celebrating technology and the voices it brought to the mainstream. The voices that no longer wished to be ignored. The same voices that had been squandered by those who wished to maintain the status quo.

Trans and queer rights have made tremendous progress in the past century in no small part due to media and its ability to connect people far and wide. This connection allows us to see and understand through the eyes of others.


Transfiguration is all about portals–the journeys we take to find out who we really are.


Drag queens were crucial to the modern pride movement. A drag show, hosted by Alter, was featured on night one of the event featuring drag through the ages. We pulled influence from the transformations people go through during their performances on stage showered in light and glamor.


Character model by Kelsey Borcherding

Music by Floraviolet